How do you size your ceiling fan?

Selecting the right ceiling fan size for your room can be a challenging decision. There are two methods to help you with this:

Blade Span Method: This approach is relatively simple but may lack precision. It relies on the assumption that fans with longer blades provide greater airflow than those with shorter blades. Keep in mind that the "blade span" in the table below is determined by measuring the fan's width from one end to the other.
Airflow Method: If you have access to the fan's airflow specifications, this is the preferred and more accurate method to determine the right fan size for your space.

The table below assumes a ceiling height of 2.4-2.7 meters (8-9 feet in the old scale). If you have a higher ceiling you should go to the next room size up:

Room Size Suggested Blade Span Suggested Airflow
Small bedrooms, studies, walk-in closets, guest rooms 29-36 inches Up to 2000 ft³/min
Up to 3400 m³/hr
Standard bedrooms, small family rooms, small dining rooms, small living rooms, home gyms 37-42 inches 2000-4000 ft³/min
3400-6800 m³/hr
Master bedrooms, family room, dining rooms, living rooms, suites, home libraries 43-52 inches 4000-6000 ft³/min
6800-10000 m³/hr
Master suites, indoor pools, studios 52-60 inches 6000-9000 ft³/min
10000-15000 m³/hr
Factories, warehouses 60+ inches 9000+ ft³/min
15000+ m³/hr